Types of Narcissists

Malignant Narcissist

The malignant narcissist is the most dangerous of all narcissists. It is a blend of narcissism as well as anti social behaviour disorder. A relationship with a malignant narcissist is frightening due to the unpredictability in their behaviour. You will walk on eggshells not knowing when they will turn on you. They are remorseless, aggressive, spiteful, hateful and jealous. They use suicide as threats to get out of difficult situations or to reel you back into the relationship. They will promise you they will change but this is all a game to control you. The will tell people you are the abuser so that people feel sorry for them. From my own experience and also with client work I have and still see a lot of false allegations made against the survivor so that the malignant narcissist can project themselves as the victim.

If you feel you are in a relationship with a malignant narcissist then safely plan your escape secretly without them knowing. Ensuring your safety is the most important thing.

Grandiose Narcissist

Grandiose Narcissism is a flamboyant, assertive, and interpersonally dominant style. Like all narcissists, grandiose narcissists are more likely to attain leadership positions, they have an inflated sense of self, are overconfident in making decisions, and don't seem to learn from their mistakes. 

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