What happens in counselling

In our first session we will explore together why you are seeking counselling and what your aims are. Counselling for you may consist of setting future goals, exploring your past and difficulties you have had or it may a space for you to share your thoughts and feelings and validate your experiences and how they have made or continue to make you feel.

If goal setting is your aim a mixture of CBT and Solution Focused therapy can be used in the sessions, with you taking responsibility for setting your goals. CBT therapy includes us working in collaboration and agreeing a treatment plan so that you can get the most of out the therapy sessions. 

If you prefer a safe space to share your feelings and work through them during our sessions then that is something we can do together. You as the client are the expert in your own life and therefore I will, as the therapist support you in understanding and validating your feelings.

A free 15 minute telephone or zoom consultation is offered so you can decide if I am the right fit for you as the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important things in therapy. Contact me today to book your free consultation.

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