Every relationship has its moments where you may reach a point where you need some help. Relationship counselling can help if you are married, living together, LGBQT, non monogamous or anything else that you may class as a relationship.

Relationship issues that may bring you to counselling include:

  • Affairs, Infidelity, Adultery
  • commitment issues
  • Communication problems
  • family issues
  • trust issues
  • intimacy/sex issues
  • deciding whether to stay in the marriage or to separate/divorce


You may be struggling with communication or infidelity may be an issue that you are struggling to come to terms with and move forward from. 

I can provide a caring safe environment where you can feel safe to share how you are feeling with your partner without the risk of arguments escalating. 

Sessions will focus on identifying the issues in your relationships and what you want to change. You will work together to set goals you want to achieve. and focus on what is working in order to build on this. 

Pre-marriage counselling

Pre-marriage counselling can help you as a couple work out if you both have the same values and agenda for the life you plan together so that communication in your upcoming marriage can be smoother and you can deal with future problems together should they arise.